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Nostalgia with a modern twist. This is the look of Dale’s new autumn/winter collection, where natural shades offset 90s’ retro colors, and archival patterns, drop-shoulders and cropped styles dominate.

The inspiration behind this year's collection is based on current fall trends and features brightly colored hand-knitted sweaters, enlarged patterns from the archives, patchwork and new fits with a fresh, modern look. The new styles are also available in natural colors such as sandy melange shades in grey, beige and off-white, as well as brown, charcoal and black to reflect mountain colors.

“The collection is based on several trends that are dominating the current fashion scene. The colors are inspired by hand-knitted garments and retro color combinations from the 90s. The drop shoulder style and cropped sweaters in bright colors are also prominent in the collection,” says Håkon Dyngeland Solem, Creative Director at Dale.

Dale work with slow fashion and launch one collection a year. They redesign styles that have been around for generations, including the Cortina 1956 and Setesdalen. Old classics become the "new cool", and there’s no doubt these wool sweaters from the 1950s have stood the test of time, being as popular as they are with so many people.


Seven wool sweaters that represent this year's collection in their own unique way

Falkeberg sweater is made of a super soft airspun Merino wool quality. It is inspired by previous patterns, which have been blown up to give the sweater new life. Falkeberg works well as both a ski sweater and as everyday wear in the city. Match it with a pair of jeans or a skirt for a relaxed and stylish look.

Randaberg sweater is inspired by the eight-pettal rose found in several of Dale's patterns. The pattern has been blown up and pixelated to give it a new twist, and the sweater comes in violet, one of this year's trend colors. Randaberg sweater is made of a soft airspun wool and works just as well in the mountains as in the city.

Fannaråki patchwork sweater features several elements from different historical patterns from Dale through the ages. The patchwork pattern has been put together in different sizes to give it a youthful feel. Like several of the collection’s new styles, Fannaråki also comes in super soft airspun Merino wool.

Skarstind sweater a comfortably relaxed, dropped shoulder design that offers a generously wide fit. Crafted in a harmonious tonal palette, it showcases a textured, rib-like pattern, adding depth and dimension to your fashion statement.

Skåla Dress made of 100% wool with a pattern that has borrowed designs from previous knitted sweaters and put them together in a new way. The pattern gets a more graphic and pixelated style where smaller details are highlighted and enlarged.

Traditional Setesdal pattern in Norwegian wool quality. This jacket has been a favorite with Dale customers since the 1950s, and the retro style goes with everything from jeans on a cool summer evening to a complete winter outfit and for skiing on the slopes.

Aspøy sweater has a drop shoulder and is cropped with a little more width to give it a feminine fit. The pattern is inspired by championship sweaters from the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville.