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Wool’s natural water resistant properties will not keep you dry when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Thus, we have developed a range of windproof and water repellent sweaters.

To achieve an 8000 mm waterproof rating, our sweaters are knitted with Norwegian wool treated with Teflon*. This treatment also adds extra dirt resistance. Our sweaters are lined with a wind proof lining made of a polyester/polyurethane blend. This provides for comfortable sweaters with high breathability, keeping you warm and dry on windy days, in light showers. Please note that these sweaters are water resistant, not waterproof.


* Teflon is made from the same material used in Gore-Tex and other waterproof textiles: polytetrafluoroethylene.

Weatherproof garments are by nature a compromise between waterproofness and breathability. Waterproofness is of no use if the garment’s lack of breathability still causes you to get wet. Wool is unbeatable when it comes to breathability and wicking moisture away from your body. Active days in the outdoors is when our Weatherproof sweaters really shine.